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Are you a new mom looking to get your PRE-BABY body strength back!? This 30 day training program with HIITit.ca is for YOU!!! Starting from square one, personal trainers Chelsea Harrison and Mel Breitkreutz are going to walk with you step-by-step, in building a rich foundation of deep core strengthening and then on to toning and all over full-body strengthening. **Sign up TODAY to **PRE-PURCHASE** your 30 day training program and commit to beginning this INCREDIBLE life-changing program May 1st!!!

"I absolutely LOVE doing your workouts!! I have never been able to motivate myself to consistently workout but I CAN do 12 minutes! I love that I can do them anywhere. I was on a trip last week and still managed to do my workouts at the hotel! Every day I tell my husband how thankful I am that I found you girls!" Tara Wiens

"I have never had strength like this before, honestly!! I love your workouts!!" Andrea Henderson

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