Hello Schools, Sports Teams, Student Organizations and PAC's! We are so excited for you to learn about the HIITit.ca Fitness School Fundraising Program!

HIITit.ca is an online fitness company, created by co-owners Chelsea Harrison & Melanie Breitkreutz of Kelowna, BC. HIITit.ca emails out Daily 12 Minute HIIT* Workout videos to thousands of participants worldwide. The HIITit.ca 12 Minute Daily Program has proven to not only be an incredible quick full-body workout, but also bring muscle toning, strengthening, and cardiovascular improvements. 

The HIITit.ca Fitness School Fundraising Program has been created to encourage the pursuit of health & wellness in our families while supporting Canadian education programs and sports initiatives through the sale of the HIITit.ca Program. All proceeds of the initial sign up ($25CAD) made through the sale of HIITit.ca workouts will be rewarded directly to the fundraising school ($20.05/sale). Following reoccurring payments will then be directed to HIITit.ca

Fundraising at your school with HIITit.ca.

1. Visit www.HIITit.ca/fundraising to print off “HIITit.ca Fundraising Student Form.” This form can be printed and sent home with students.

2. Parents/Family members can sign up for HIITit.ca workouts by visiting your school’s custom fundraising home page (www.HIITit.ca/glenmoreelementary). 100% of all sales profits collected through this page* will be awarded directly to you.

If you have any questions at all on how to begin, please contact HIITit.ca directly at workouts@HIITit.ca. Thank you sincerely for your consideration of fundraising with us! In Health & Fitness!! Chelsea & Mel


Additional Information: Fundraising Program runs for a duration of 30 days. All funds will be paid to participating school/sports group/organization the first week following the month of fundraiser. All sales must be processed through your custom fundraising home page to be directed to your fundraising account. 

*High Intensity Interval Training

Sign up for your HIITit.ca Subscription to support your local school by clicking on 'Subscribe'!

Download and print HIITit.ca Fitness Fundraising Form. **Student take-home order sheet**